Xiaomi mi max 4

Does anyone have any information about xiaomày ngươi max 4? I have sầu xiaomày mày max 3 & I'm thinking of switching but wanted a screen of this form size or larger.

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Did you use the search function before posting?

Literally 3 days ago:


There are no rumors for the Mi Max 4.

The biggest phones available atm are:

Redmày lưu ý 9S / Redmày lưu ý 9S Pro

Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro

Poco F2 Pro

Some time ago they announced that there won't be a max 4... I have sầu 3 too.. Great phone.. Will see next year what lớn buy next...

Are you sure about that? I read somewhere that in 2019 there were no plans lớn reveal the mày max 4 but in 20trăng tròn they were going khổng lồ announce the new Model of the Max line

I too am waiting - still using the Max 3, which is an amazing phone - especially for world traveller - I'm not sure any of the Redmày phones can offer the same kind of global roaming experience. Also this is the only one with 6.9" screen - I use the phone a lot as an e-reader & I don't want a smaller, especially not narrower, screen.

Hopefully they'll make a next-gene max, điện thoại tư vấn it a Maxx or whatever! Just think if there was a flagship with all the bells và whistles & a great camera (Max line is not known for good cameras) - I think there's a bigger market than they think - with the top camera...

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Anyway I am super-happy that the 3.5mm audio jachồng is baông xã on most models - getting rid of that was a big mistake, my wife still suffers with USB-C headphones - ugh.

honor x10 max

Maybe you lượt thích that phone. It's released september 18th from what I read. And I think it will come out an honor x10 max pro

Where did you read that? I can't find anything. Just saw that in 2019 they were not going to launch The mày max or mày note but in 2020 they were going to launch

Been waiting myself, unfortunately no signs of it. Although there is a rumour going around that there will be a Mi 10S coming later in the year which has a bigger screen. Here's hoping its big enough & not too pricey.

Mate, you and me buddy. I might've sầu gotten the blackshark already if the phone doesn't have some terrible battery placement.

I'm holding out for a proper improvement to lớn my max. I'm happy khổng lồ keep this a few more years.

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The Redngươi cảnh báo 9 Pro is the replacement for the Max series, as far as I know. In India it's called something with "... Max"

I could b wrong but afaik note pro is its own series they put max at the end(redmày note 9 pro max) bcoz of different specs in india (different camera/storage space/ram size) but in some places like hong kong pro max is just called pro so that is not confusing at all lol.

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