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Vertus Fluid Mask with size 45.59 Mb is a plugin for Photocửa hàng và standalone graphical applications. It is a useful tool designed to lớn cut the object layer. That is, if we want khổng lồ change the background in the phokhổng lồ, or cut out objects from photographs & transfer lớn another place, then we need lớn use this tool. The essence lies in the function of the sản phẩm simulation process of our bodies of view and thinking through automatic analysis of raster images. Video tutorials on working with the program can be seen on youtube, or in the body of the full news.

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After the image tệp tin khổng lồ download khổng lồ your desktop Fluid Mask, mechanism carefully studying the contents of the picture & with the data on the color palette, gradients và textures edited images, its share depending on the zone. In particular, automatically or manually identified areas for disposal & preservation of (key facilities, the background, complex border areas and crossings). On the basis of those produced và included in the service layer with metadata IIL (Image Information Layer) Integrated mask that shows both saved & deleted pixels, and the boundaries of this zone.

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Vertus Mask Fluid quite simple: pre-layer was analyzed, & the program allocates all boundaries are unclear and vague, which is at the stage of image analysis (previously required to lớn press a special button, now everything is done automatically when you open a picture), the program is running, spinning -Right own Photosiêu thị and load their own interface. Then you choose one of h& tools, brushes, paint over that part of the image, removing unnecessary violence và leave those who want lớn change the background. All work now takes a lot of time as a Fluid Mask inlớn trương mục the features of the new processor architecture và running faster than its predecessor.

New in Vertus Fluid Mask 3:

Improved pReview function.Fixed a problem that occurred when loading files .vfmp (Vertus Fluid Mask Project file) in Windows.speed when downloading CMYK or 16-bit images much faster.Shortcuts “+”, “=” and “-” has been added khổng lồ the zoom.Smart Blending Function ( “smart mix”): a special tool in the khung of a slider, enabling “on the fly” switching between modes và standard Smart Blending Blending Feather.Redesigned edge detection algorithm – it is possible to lớn perkhung non-unisize in color maksirovanie complex objects.New “Patch”, which allows to lớn make complex changes in the marked image without affecting the rest of the partsAdding màu sắc Sampler tool, showing all segments of images that have a certain colorThe ability lớn save sầu và restore the settings from the previous sessionAbility lớn control by pressing the brush when working with the tablet.Improved system of contextual prompts.

Fluid Mask 3 is available as a plug-in:

Adobe Photosiêu thị Elements, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014-CCAdobe Photoshop, including CS6 -SS 2015 (x86-x64 BIT)

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