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Millions of people in the food industry have been hurt by the COVID-19 crisis, with many losing their jobs as restaurants across the country cđại bại their dining rooms to lớn guests—or shut their doors entirely.

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That’s why starting today, dhlamnghiep.org Eats users in Thủ đô New York will be able lớn contribute khổng lồ their favorite local restaurants directly from the phầm mềm at checkout. 

dhlamnghiep.org will then match every contribution with a donation to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund for a total commitment of up to lớn $5M for the group’s important work. Amuốn other things, the Relief Fund is providing $500 grants to eligible restaurant workers—including couriers working on delivery apps like dhlamnghiep.org Eats—who have been hurt financially by the current crisis.

“The restaurant industry is being decimated by this virut, & it’s going to lớn take people helping people lớn get through it,” says Paul Barker, owner of Pauli’s North End in Boston, MA, an dhlamnghiep.org Eats partner. “As business owners, my wife và I are focused on helping our staff put food on their tables.

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Efforts like dhlamnghiep.org Eats’ & Guy Fieri’s with the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund are rising to the occasion—helping people to lớn help the people in their communities when they need it most.”

Following a trial period in New York City, we hope to expvà this feature across the United States next week, & into lớn other countries soon after.

This new feature builds upon commitments made to lớn our restaurant partners last month in the US, with a focus on driving increased demvà towards independent restaurants, và making cash flow more reliable in these unprecedented times. 


And communities are responding. In the US & Canada, we’ve sầu seen a significant rise in orders khổng lồ independent restaurants since mid-March as more customers look khổng lồ support local businesses. Restaurants, working khổng lồ keep delivery orders coming in during these times, have been signing up for dhlamnghiep.org Eats as high as 10x previous rates. 

dhlamnghiep.org Eats’ direct-to-restaurant contributions will serve as a new avenue for people to lớn tư vấn their favorite local restaurants, and we are proud to lớn match their contributions with donations khổng lồ the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. 

Join us in supporting local restaurants everywhere. For more information on the ways we are working with our industry partners during this time, visit our restaurant trang web.