The flash season 5 news, reviews, and episode guide

The Flash Season 5: Best & Worst Episodes, Ranked The Flash"s fifth season was all about family & legacy & these are the best và worst episodes in season five sầu.

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After having an incredibly comedic fourth season, the fifth season of The Flash is where the series began to find its balance again. Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) became one of the focal points of the season after making her big reveal in the fourth season finale. Revealed as Iris (Candice Patton) & Barry’s (Grant Gustin) future daughter, the fifth season became all about family and legacy. But with a new season comes a new big bad in the khung of Cicada (Chris Klein), who is perhaps the show’s weakest overall villain.

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The fifth season came with a lot of big moments, such as a monumental 100th episode to another big Arrowverse crossover that would phối up this year’s crossover. With that said, these are the best & worst episodes of The Flash season five sầu.

While Nora had some solid episodes, she also had some stinkers. The fourth episode introduced the concept of meta-tech: giải pháp công nghệ that had been fused Dark Matter. In “News Flash”, the team takes on Spin (Kiana Madeira): a former colleague of Iris at CCPN who now had her own blog thanks lớn a piece of meta-tech she had obtained.

Her phone got fused with Dark Matter which allowed her to create news, allowing her to be first on the scene. Nora"s initial adoration of Spin held the episode baông chồng a lot, especially since Spin isn"t that memorable lớn begin with.

9 BEST: Nora (Episode 1)

The season premiere felt lượt thích a true season one episode. As Nora tells how she is “stuck” in 2018, she gets an opportunity khổng lồ bond with her father while also showing a cold shoulder towards her mother. Despite having lied about being stuông chồng, Nora soon reveals that Barry never returns in the future.

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This explains why Nora wanted lớn meet her father badly as she never got khổng lồ know Barry in her timeline. Another big moment here is the introduction of the iconic Flash ring as Barry gets his new suit, but also this important tool.

While undercover episodes can sometimes be hit or misses depending on a bunch of variables, this thirteenth episode was definitely a miss. Here, Barry và Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) go undercover as bad guys to invade the black market to lớn obtain a device that can stop Cicadomain authority. Simply put, “Goldfaced” just feels flat.

Despite a good guest appearance by Damion Poitier as DC baddie Goldface, “Goldfaced” doesn’t hold up as a stand-alone episode, particularly because of the undercover work by the two heroes.

7 BEST: Cause và XS (Episode 14)

One of the better Nora-centric episodes is in the fourteenth episode when she protects Team Flash on her own. As Barry goes into lớn the Speed Force to lớn speed up the process on the meta-human cure, Nora stands on her own against Cicada. Here, she resets the timeline over và over again after seeing Cicada kill her teammates multiple times.

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Faced with the impossible, Nora is put to lớn the ultimate thử nghiệm. Once she reveals to the team that she has remix the timeline 52 times, they come up with a plan to lớn stop Cicadomain authority temporarily.

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The mystery of Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) supposedly dead father Thomas Snow was an on-and-off one for this season. After being introduced in the first half of the season, the show kind of forgot his storyline until later on. Caitlin saves Thomas from the Icicle, but the family reunion is cut short when Cicadomain authority II (Sarah Carter) kills hlặng. It"s as anti-climactic as it sounds.

The bigger problem here is that they went bachồng to lớn a storyline this late in the season only to end it so abruptly, making you wonder why they even bothered with it to lớn begin with.

5 BEST: What’s Past is Prologue (Episode 8)

The 100th episode became the big milestone hour of the series as Barry và Nora go on a time travel journey in the hopes of stopping Cicadomain authority for good. Together, they go through some of the pivotal episodes in the show’s run, including the season three finale where Nora learns that a time remnant of Barry was Savitar.

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From revisiting those big moments, the 100th episode also comes with the big surprise that Nora was being mentored by the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) in her timeline. Time travel has never been this fun.

This penultimate episode is a frustrating one simply because no one would listen lớn Ralph. At this point in the game, it had become evident how exhausting the Cicadas had become. Fans just wanted this story to be over done with.

But when they try to lớn figure out how to get rid of the villain’s lightning bolt dagger, Ralph realizes that destroying the dagger will mix Thawne không lấy phí in the future. This is where you just want to lớn pull your hair out because of Team Flash"s refusal to lớn not listen to lớn their resident detective.

3 BEST: Elseworlds, Part 1 (Episode 9)

The Elseworlds crossover kicked off with The Flash as we got to lớn see Barry and Oliver (Stephen Amell) switch lives. Acting as the Green Arrow, Barry gets lớn be a nhân vật without powers while Oliver tries to figure out how lớn be a speedster. Not only is it one of the more entertaining crossovers, but it’s the most important one that sets up this year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Flash portion stands out because of the Smallville tribute that was included, where they traveled to Earth-38 lớn get Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) help.

As Nora was on her bad girl phase in the twentieth episode, it becomes XS’s final bad episode in the season. In “Gone Rogue," Nora teams up with a few members of the new villainous Rogues team that had been established throughout the season.

But not only does it come off as a cheesy hour of the episode, it feels unnecessarily dramatic because of the actions Barry took when he found out that Nora had been working with the Reverse-Flash. Talk about overacting.

1 BEST: Legacy (Episode 22)

The fifth season finale doesn"t just over the Cicada arc but also turns the Reverse-Flash into the real threat. Things get worse when Nora is erased from the present following the timelines" changes. This leads to lớn the show"s most painful death, as Barry & Iris witness their daughter disappear.

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Later, Nora"s parents watch a video clip she left. Nora thanks them for the time she got to spover with them, leaving them in tears. Then there is the cliffhanger where the headlines of Barry’s disappearance change, revealing that it’s going to happen in 2019 - the year of the coming Crisis.