Tetra pak bình dương

everyone, everywhere had access to lớn safe, nutritious food. We are committed khổng lồ play our part in making food systems more secure và sustainable.

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The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented sự kiện, affecting communities worldwide. None of us have sầu previously experienced a situation lượt thích the one we are currently going through . Our thoughts are with those most affected. In this context, extraordinary measures are needed lớn ensure we can continue to deliver on our promise to protect what"s good.

The food package of the future

At Tetra Pak, we’re on a journey to deliver the world"s most sustainable food package. That’s why we say Go nature. Go carton.

Decarbonising the value chain

We are working with suppliers and customers on decarbonising our value chain, from sourcing to lớn production lớn end-of-life.


Processing, packaging và service solutions, maintaining the highest standards of food safety, operational performance và sustainability.
Processing Solutions

Processing solutions và equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages và prepared food.

Packaging Solutions

A complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products, offering user convenience, easy opening & optimal shelf life.

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Service Solutions
Tetra Pak releases its 22nd annual Sustainability Report

From exceeding its climate goals to being recognised as a leader by CDPhường for the fifth year running for environmental transparency and action.

Tetra Pak and Stora Enso join forces lớn triple the recycling capacity of beverage cartons in Polvà

The investment in a complete recycling solution is phối to lớn significantly improve sầu recycling throughout Central và Eastern Europe.

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Read the full press release: Tetra Pak and Stora Enso join forces lớn triple the recycling capacity⁠
Tetra Pak named as one of the Top 50 Sustainability và Climate leaders

The 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders project is the response from the international business community.

Read the full press release: Tetra Pak named as one of the Top 50 Sustainability and Climate leaders⁠
Major players in the packaging industry have sầu recognised that they won’t be able to solve sầu the multiple challenges they face by working in silos. We spoke to lớn Francisteo Razzolini at Brazilian paperboard producer Klabin, và Carimãng cầu Rydén Pettersson at Tetra Pak, about the new spirit of collaborative innovation

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