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Tan Son Nhat Golf Club Overview

Tan Son Nhat Golf Club is a public 36-hole golf course located 4kms from Ho Chi Minch City. It is built across 156 hectares và borders the Tan Son Nhat Airport. This golf course was designed out of the surrounding flattish l& by Nelson và Haworth with prominent earth mounding, water hazards, large bunkers và undulating greens. The Clubhouse is one of the largest in Asia and offer first-rate facilities for all.

Chooseyour preferred tee-off date and select any of the products given below. Price is displayed per golfer. You will also have sầu the option lớn select additional services và add-ons such as golf course transfers, caddie/buggy etc (where applicable) on the following page.

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We also offer some fantastic giao dịch for complete golf holidays with accommodation và transfers so you can simply book the entire golf package with us.Cliông xã herelớn view our golf holiday giao dịch.

Book Golf Tee Times at Tan Son Nhat Golf Club

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dhlamnghiep.org Mr. Sanket arranged an excellent custom made golfing holiday for 4 of us from 28th jan khổng lồ 1st feb in Cambodia.The trip went on lượt thích a dream come true. Thank you dhlamnghiep.org



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