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Smart PC Locker Pro can be used khổng lồ loông xã down your Windows based computer so you don"t have access to lớn anyone else"s files on your PC. This is great if you have sầu kids or other people who you don"t want to get inkhổng lồ the habit of making changes khổng lồ files on your computer. The best thing about this software is that it doesn"t invade your privacy lượt thích some other anti-virut software will and it is also very easy to use. I"ll go over how to lớn tải về, install and run this software along with a quichồng demonstration of what it can vì chưng.

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The way smart PC locker or works is that it monitors any changes that are made to lớn your hard drive sầu since it is configured lớn detect any changes done và then automatically lochồng down your computer until you either remove the program or reboot it. It is easy khổng lồ disable this software by going khổng lồ the control panel, creating a shortcut on startup, right clichồng on that shortcut và select disable. Any activity on this system after you disable it will not be able to boot up or function. You can also enable và disable the software from the control panel if you prefer to.

When using this software, there are some additional options that you can use which allows you to lớn completely customize the locking behavior of your PC. These hotkeys can be customized to perform either one time or recurring disabling & enabling of your PC when you enter specific commands. If you need to lớn loông chồng your computer for specific reasons, you can mix a hotkey to lock your computer or even create a combination of keys & exexinh đẹp whatever commands you want through those keys. There are also some simple ways lớn disable and enable your computer with the hotkeys described above sầu. This may be a bit more complex than the other options but is well worth considering if you"re concerned about privacy issues.

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Title:Smart PC Locker Pro 3.1 for WindowsRequirements:Windows 10Language:EnglishAvailable languages:English,Italian,SwedishLicense:FreeDate added:Thursday, August 26th 2021Author:NoVirusThanks



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