Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart


“Your PC ran into a problem and needs khổng lồ restart” is a common blue screen of death error messages. To fix it here in this guide, we will provide different solutions. These fixes will cover all the standard reasons responsible for the blue screen of death on Windows 10.

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Try them one by one to lớn get rid of computer screen error & restart your system properly without rebooting in a loop.

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Reason for BSOD Message on Windows 10

Each stop code error tells the possible reason for the problem. Your PC ran into a problem và needs lớn restart error message can occur due to various reasons. Here are some of the comtháng causes of computer error messages.

Changes in registryDamaged or corrupt system filesFaulty device driverImproper hardware connectionWrong system shutdownInfected system

These issues lead to lớn BSOD error messages accompanied by Windows 10 stop code registry error, Automatic Repair loop; your PC will automatically restart in one minute, etc.

Now, that we know, the reason let’s learn about the fixes.

9 Fixes to Troubleshoot Your PC Ran Into lớn a Problem and Needs to lớn Restart in Windows 10

Generally, after receiving a PC error message, your system restarts automatically & runs automatic repair. In most cases, this doesn’t work, and you kết thúc up getting Your PC did not start correctly, or Your PC ran into a problem & needs khổng lồ restart the loop. Carry out the following solutions khổng lồ fix the BSOD problem in Windows 10.

Solution One –

After encountering the error message if your system boots usually, then follow the steps below to lớn troubleshoot the problem & avoid facing the stop code error message.

1. Boot Windows In Safe Mode

If the problem you are facing is related to corrupt system files, malware, or some driver related issue booting Windows in Safe Mode can help fix the problem.

To boot into Safe Mode on a PC that boots regularly, follow the steps below:

In Windows search, type Settings và press enter.Cliông xã Update và Security > Recovery.Advanced startup > Restart nowOnce PC restarts, select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > RestartYou’ll now see Startup Settings. Select from any of three Safe Mode options:Enable Safe ModeEnable Safe Mode with NetworkingEnable Safe Mode with Commvà PromptRestart your system.

This should fix the problem, & you will now be able khổng lồ restart your system without encountering stop code: your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem error message.

2. Run CHKDSK Command

Fix bad sectors on disk as this might be the cause of the problem you are facing. To vì so, follow the steps below:

Right-click This PC & select Properties from the context menuTools > Chechồng > Scan drive sầu.

Since this method is secure & works like CHKDSK, we used this. Once your disk is checked for errors và all bad sectors are fixed, run your system. You should now not face, “Your PC ran inlớn a problem và needs khổng lồ restart” with “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE”, error message.

3. Free up Space on System Drive

Many times if sufficient space is not available on C drive sầu (system drive) you might face this error message. To fix it, clear junk files from the system drive sầu or extkết thúc disk partition to lớn create space.

4. Cheông xã System Log

Examining Event Log to lớn find the reason behind the Blue Screen of Death is a great idea lớn fix things. To vì chưng so, follow the steps below:

Event Viewer in Windows search > Run as administratorUnhide Windows Logs > SystemLook for the errors that occur during the time of Blue Screen of Death and fix them as per the given information.

Now, check your system. You should now not face your PC ran inlớn problems.

If this doesn’t help, move to lớn the next steps.

5. Update Outdated Driver

Manually updating system drivers are tricky; therefore, to lớn make things simple và easy, we recommend using Smart Drive Care.

Developed by Systweak, this driver updating tool scans your system for a corrupt & incompatible drive. Once they are detected, it shows you a danh sách giving you full control over whether khổng lồ update or not. Being inlớn business for 20+ years, Systweak knows what customers want. Hence, the company offers both free & paid versions (60-day-money back guarantee). Moreover, it takes backup of old drivers allowing you lớn revert changes if anything goes wrong.


Most of the time users use Restart option but it doesn’t work hence we will use Advanced options.

So, cliông xã Advanced options > Troubleshoot. Here look for Advanced options as clicking on it will give different options that will help solve the problem.

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A short description of all the terms:


System Restore lets you revert a computer to an older functional state.Comm& Prompt allows using comm& lines khổng lồ run certain operations.System Image Recovery by using the system image created by you can give sầu a new life to your PC. If no image is created, use another option.Startup Settings helps change Windows startup behavior by enabling Safe mode & inactivating automatic system restart when you encounter when Blue Screen of Death occur.Startup Repair is used to lớn repair corrupt files

Now, that you know the meaning of each option let’s learn how to perform system restore.

To perform System Restore follow the steps below:

Select System Restore from Advanced Options.Piông xã a date when your system was working fine > RestoreWait for the process to complete > restart your system.

Image Recovery

Insert the disk which has a system image.Select System Image Recovery from Advanced optionsUnder Re-image your computer > choose system image > Next
Follow on-screen instructionsRestart your system

7. Revert Registry Configuration

If none of the above sầu steps works for you as you don’t have a system image or restore point don’t worry use Commvà Prompt và restore registry.

To vì chưng so, follow the steps below:

Click Commvà PromptIf you are using multiple accounts select the one you are facing the problem with and enter passwordNext, enter following comm& in Command Prompt window:


CD WindowsSystem32

CD config


CD regback



REN default default1

ren sam sam1

ren security security1

ren software software1

ren system khổng lồ system1

CD regback

copy * c:windowssystem32config

Exit commvà prompt & restart PC.

The above commands will help replace system32 config files that have sầu been altered or corrupted. If the error message Your PC ran into lớn a problem is caused due to registry errors, this method will work.

Stuông chồng in Your PC ran inlớn a problem và needs to lớn restart the loop.

Unlike the above sầu two cases in this, your system keeps on restarting automatically in a loop. To fix it you can try recovering data from corrupt OS drivers or can use Windows Installation Disk.

If you don’t have sầu one, you’ll have to create one. To vì chưng so read how khổng lồ create.ISO using Media Creation Tool.

Once created, follow the steps lớn use it.

Attach bootable media to the system with errors and let the installation files load.You’ll now see Windows Setup, choose Next.Hit Repair your computer followed by Troubleshoot then Advanced optionsPersize either of the operations based on the above sầu explanation.

If you choose Safe Mode – the diagnostic mode khổng lồ fix Windows problem, try performing the following things:

Uninstall corrupt softwareUpdate outdated system driverRun malwareRun SFC

8. Uninstall corrupt software

Settings > Apps > Apps & features

Select the application you think is problematic > Uninstall

9. Scan system using Windows Defender

In Windows search bar type SettingsLook for Update và SecurityIn the new window cliông chồng Windows Security from the left pane.
Now cliông chồng Virus và threat protection option present in the right pane./
Exp& Scan options.
Choose the type of scan và cliông xã Scan Now

Fix detected infections

Run sfc/scannow

Type Commvà Prompt in Windows search

Here enter SFC/scannow command, let it run.

This should fix Your PC và run inkhổng lồ problems.

Final Words

Using the above sầu solutions, you can fix the most dreaded message “Your PC ran inlớn problems & needs lớn restart on Windows 10. You should now be relieved as you know how to lớn fix the Blue Screen of Death with different stop code errors.

Hope you were able khổng lồ resolve sầu Your PC ran into lớn a problem error message using the steps explained. If you face any problem, vì leave us a bình luận, và we will try our best to help.