Midas civil 2006 v7

DescriptionMidas Civil is the most powerful software for analyzing and designing metal, concrete, wood, aluminum và composite structures.

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Engineers who underst& the concept of modeling, analysis và kiến thiết of a structure well know this professional software and well-known. The 20-year experience, coupled with the suggestions made by engineers working with Midas Civil, has made this software the most utilized thiết kế và analysis software available on global markets. The toolbars embedded in the graphical user interface make it easy lớn enter the information needed to lớn create a mã sản phẩm, analysis, & thiết kế.

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The placement of these toolbars minimizes the probability of error in modeling a structure. The option khổng lồ create predefined structures (ready-made templates) allows the user to create their own musical models in a short time. By specifying height, width, length và number of openings in each direction, the Mã Sản Phẩm can be constructed; the feature is igiảm giá for modeling roof structures, bridges và skyscrapers. Midas Civil accepts the data in spreadsheets in its environment & thus makes it possible khổng lồ create structures with pseubởi vì geometry. This feature is very useful for modeling complex structures such as bridges, cooling towers, pressure vessels & even city-bus trains.Features & Features of Midas Civil:- Consider the algebraic sign of structural responses during spectral analysis- Very powerful graphics- Optimal mesh- Determine the màn chơi of performance of the structure based on admission criteria- The ability khổng lồ transfer MIDAS / GEN analysis results to MIDAS / SDS software- Determine the capathành phố of the members of the beam, column & shear wall according khổng lồ the FEMA regulations- Provides very detailed results based on spreadsheet format- Optimization of metal structures based on the relative sầu strength và relative sầu displacement between the class- MIDAS / FX modal transfer lớn MIDAS / CIVIL và MIDAS / GEN- Provides detailed details on the design of metal, concrete, composite, slab and foundation- Automatic wind load, earthquake và gravity loadThe new variations and features of the Midas Civil are visible from here.required system: Operating SystemsWindows XP ProfessionalRecommended Hardware1.5GHz Processor2GB of RAM2GB không tính phí hard disk spacePicturesInstallation guideRead the Readme.txt tệp tin in the Crachồng thư mục.tải về linkDownload Midas Civil 2006 v7.0.1