Download microsoft office 2010 pro 32/64bit full mới nhất 2021

Microsoft Office 2010 miễn phí download full version with activation key is the most popular software suite in the world developed by Microsoft company for Windows 64 bit và 32 bit. It has countless tools & features khổng lồ support your work despite its purposes & complexity. Creating a document, table, & presentation will be much easier even for an amateur. Office 2010 marks the debut of Office Web Apps, không tính tiền online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Onecảnh báo, which work in web browsers.

Office 2010 full is the last version suite with tư vấn for Windows XP., Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista và Windows Server 2008.

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It also includes extended tệp tin format support, user interface updates, và a changed user experience. A 64-bit version of Office 2010 is available for Windows 7 ultimate SP1. Get Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus không tính tiền tải về full version down below for free trial unlimited. You can also download Microsoft Office năm 2016 for pc không tính tiền.


Microsoft Office 2010 Full Version Features :

Word processing capabilitiesProviding databases & preparing professional reportsShare reports & Manage emailsBuild beautiful projects và slidesIncrease / Decrease Font Size, Adjust, Line, Page Width, Distance Control Between ParagraphsNew thực đơn “Page Layout” in the edit panelOptimized for use on tablets và smartphones in particularMicrosoft’s focus is on improving truyền thông usage & reducing resource consumption

How khổng lồ Install Microsoft Office 2010 Full Version

Download microsoft office 2010 full version according to your systemNow run the cài đặt.exe pháo file to lớn start the installationUse serial number provided in the craông chồng folder SN: HXJQ4-VT6T8-7YPRK-R2HQG-CYPPYEnjoy brother!

How to Fix Installation Error Invalid Location Setup

Enter the installation folderRename the pháo fileJust type “setup“, remove the nameContinue installation – If there is still an error, follow nextShow hidden files firstxuất hiện File Explorer > Select View > Cheông xã the Hidden Items box
After that, copy the MSOCache folder on drive C:Paste to lớn the MS Office 2010 installation folderCopy the cài đặt.exe tệp tin lớn the 9th MSOCabít All Users 9014000Don’t forget to lớn rename the thiết lập tệp tin without appendages, just “setup”After that, cliông chồng OK on the invalid location dialog!

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Full Version


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