Clash of clans


Clash of Clans is a miễn phí khổng lồ download online multiplayer battle game. It is aimed at age 13+.

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The object of the game is to lớn build your village, thiết kế your base & defend your turf.

You can join other players in a clan lớn fight others, or there is the option for single player play, in which you have khổng lồ attack a series of goblin buildings.

Players build their base, complete with buildings, supplies & weapons, and have khổng lồ collect gold, elixir & Dark Elixir through gameplay khổng lồ increase and maintain these defences against attack.

You can also collect gems by successfully completing certain tasks, or buy them through in-phầm mềm purchases.

Format & price: Free on iOS và Android with in-app purchases, eg: you can buy treasure chests of gems from £3.99 to lớn a whopping great £79.99.

What they say

‘Answer the call of the mustache! Join the international fray that is Clash of Clans. Customize your village, build an army and crush your opponents. Like using friendship to strike fear into lớn your enemies? Join a Clan, or establish a Clashing legacy by creating your own. The choice is yours in this millions-strong community of Barbarians.’

What’s the reality?

You can’t have sầu missed the TV campaigns for Clash of Clans – the adverts most recently featured Bond villain & Spectre star Christoph Waltz. Liam Neeson popped up in a previous version.

The game was the top grossing app on both the App Store và Google Play in 2015, with an estimated revenue of over £1million (1.5million dollars) per day.

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Gabriel is 11 & plays with his parents’ permission. He says: ‘I like how it’s almost never ending và I can play with my friends on it.

‘I’m in one clan with friends from school. I don’t really chat on it because I don’t want other people seeing my info so we talk on Skype or ooVoo when we’re playing. The bad thing is that it takes a long time to lớn progress và you have to lớn wait a day for some things, which is annoying.

‘It’s OK for little kids lượt thích my cousin (6), khổng lồ play under supervision và their new game, Clash Royale, is good, maybe even better!’

What parents need to lớn know


When you first open the game, a message flashes up khổng lồ tell you about in-app purchases và how to lớn disable them. Do this by going to Settings > General > Restrictions > Disable Restrictions.


You will be asked to mix up a 4-digit PIN code. Select In-App Purchases & set lớn off.

You can also disable Multiplayer GamesAddings Friends if you don"t want your child lớn interact with others. You will need lớn vày this for every device you access the game on.

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To stop other players contacing you in general on an iPhone, go lớn Game Centre in Settings và turn off Allow InvitesNearby Players. You can also make your player profile private here.

For more on parental controls on Apple devices, click here.


When you first open the game, a message flashes up lớn tell you about in-tiện ích purchases & how khổng lồ disable them. To vày this go to lớn your Google Play store app, choose Menu > Settings > Require authentication for purchases. This means you will need khổng lồ set a password to make in-ứng dụng purchases.

The options lớn choose from are Never, Family-friendly content (which works on all games classified as being for ages 12 and under), Every 30 minutes or For all purchases through Google Play on this device.

Once phối, remember not to tell your child the password if you don"t want them lớn make any purchases. You will need to do this for every device you access the game on.

You will then be asked whether you want lớn mô tả your Google+ profile with anyone on the web, or customise it. Cliông xã on Public khổng lồ disable this if you want khổng lồ.

To stop other players contacting you on an Android phone, go to lớn the Play Games app, touch the Menu ibé and cliông chồng Settings. Clichồng Game profile > Play now > Your trò chơi profile. Adjust your visibility và notificatons settings as you wish.

For more on parental controls on Android devices, cliông chồng here.


There is an in-gameSettingsarea accessible via the "cog" ibé that appears on the right hand side of the screen once you start playing. Here, you canFilter Clan Chat, which changes swear words to asterisks. Make sure it is green forOn.


From a safety point of view, the game has no private chat facility, but players can join và take part in Global và Clan group chats. That leaves open the possibility that children could be persuaded khổng lồ chat away from the game by a fellow clan member.

Some parents have sầu complained of bad or offensive language in group chats, that children can over up in a group with adults they don"t know và that there is no reporting facility within Clan chat. It is possible to report offensive sầu players in Global chat.

Supercell, the game makers, state that they display regular warnings against sharing personal information and have sầu a "constantly updated blackcác mục of offensive sầu words và phrases that can be quickly found and removed from all areas of the game."

Although the game clearly states it is for 13+ only, there was no age verification necessary lớn use the ứng dụng. Even if there was, 14-year-olds could still play with adults in an unmoderated environment with no reporting facilities within Clan chat.

As with many games, even though it is possible to lớn mix up safety measures & restrict contact within the game itself, serious players can join forums outside the game which may not be monitored or will be peer monitored & so reaction times to bad behaviour may vary.


Clash of Clans is seriously complicated for a beginner & seriously addictive once you begin to master it. It loses points for the laông chồng of reporting function within Clan chat groups & the fact that children can join clans with adults they don"t know. If your child is going lớn use the multi-player option of the game unsupervised, be aware that they may come across adults and bad language - occasionally even both at the same time.