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I got these for DIRT cheap on an auction site. The RGB program you get from the g.skill website works great. It plays nice with my motherboard"s rgb too. Samsung b-die sticks, fast as all hell (yes even at 3200) và really I don"t need any more than 16 gbs. Veeeerry happy with these.

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G. Skill makes great ram và can be controlled through rgb fusion. No problem with xmp or slight over clocking


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Best looking RAM I"ve sầu seen & one the highlights of my system for sure, at 3200 Mhz CL16 it"s not particularly fast but still great ram.

RAM- This ram is absolutely beautiful. I cannot say much about performance because I can"t run it at full speed with my motherboard. I am replacing it for corsair ram(because iCUE) but I would absolutely recommover this ram khổng lồ anyone of my friends who wasn"t in the ICUE ecosystem as heavily as me.

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This ram kit has performed exactly as advertised with zero fuss on my Strix b450 motherboard. I initially purchased one 16gb kit when I first built my system, but then bought a second kit about 6 months later. Even after adding that second kit, everything continues lớn run at 3200mhz cl16 with the basic XMP protệp tin enabled. So add in the fact that this ram is absolutely beautiful and I couldn"t have asked for anything more.


Phường L A N T (don't cliông xã if you think value is more important than aesthetics)AMD Ryzen 5 2600Radeon RX 580

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