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So when i start the game i get the above sầu error. i tried disabling mochồng locations but if i turn it off the GPS joystiông xã doesn't work. it needs moông xã locations enabled. any way to lớn fix this issue? also gps joystiông chồng stopps working alot & just crashes. please help


hello..follow these steps yeah?? abit longwinded..but it works..

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• Installing vmos

Cliông chồng apk download and install

Once installed it will prompt for you lớn display over other apps, ( allow this permission).

Allow for vmos to lớn access storage locations and audio. • Installing pokemon go in vmos

Scroll và cliông xã the first links và tải về the most recent android file.

Install the app android file. • Installing giả GPS

Scroll and clichồng the most recent APK tải về link.

Download and install

Accept all permissions after installing.

Then click the unloông chồng feature

Go baông chồng into the phầm mềm & clichồng privacy mode


Then rename the new tiện ích khổng lồ "subscribe now". (Thus will create a hidden GPS ứng dụng within vmos). • Installing lucky patcher

Go to lớn your browser within vmos và type in lucky patcher app android.

Download the lucky patcher android by clicking the download LPhường installer.

Install lucky patcher • Once you have all three programs within vmos installed (pokemon go, fake GPS và lucky patcher), you will then adjust the system settings within vmos.

xuất hiện VMOS

Go khổng lồ settings, about phone, then cliông chồng build number 7 times until it tells you that you have become the developer.

Then go inlớn settings và enable root.

Cthua kém all apps within vmos and restart vmos. • Adjusting system settings using lucky patcher.

Once vmos has restarted cliông xã lucky patcher app.

Cliông xã rethành viên choice forever when it asks if you want to lớn allow super user access.

Once in lucky patcher type su in the three search bar.

Click the tools button under subscribe now.

A window will pop up, cliông chồng move lớn system ứng dụng & authorize by clicking yes.

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It will then prompt you khổng lồ restart vmos. ( close all apps và restart vmos)

Once rebooted, clichồng the subscribe now tiện ích.

Scroll to lớn where it says set location, then click lớn mix location và then click the open maps hyperlink.

Within the maps,go to lớn a random location.

Then scroll to the top of the phầm mềm và clichồng the fix GPS location hyperliên kết.

Once the window pops ensue that fits 1 and 4 are checked. • Install root explorer

From the playstyle within vmos, type root explorer in the search bar.

Install root explorer by innovative sầu teq. (Blue file thư mục app)

Allow access khổng lồ all permissions its requesting.

Open root explorer. • Inside root explorer

xuất hiện report explorer

Cliông xã the three lines in the top left corner to lớn access the thực đơn options.

Click the root option.

Scroll down until you see the system file, then click on it.

Inside there system thư mục type su in the tìm kiếm bar.

A bunch of files will pop up, you are going to want to lớn delete the 2 su files, the daemonsu tệp tin và the super user tệp tin.

Then cthất bại out of all apps within vmos and go baông chồng to lớn system settings và disable root access.

Cthảm bại all apps around restart vmos.

Then once vmos has been restarted, delete lucky patcher, the original kém chất lượng GPS ứng dụng and root explorer.

• Lastly, opening poketháng go within vmos

Launch vmos

xuất hiện subscribe now(aka nhái GPS app)

Set desired location & click start, then minimize the ứng dụng.

Open vfin, then cliông chồng test vmos, pokemon go bypassed and kill process (until it starts input pid, sometimes it takes 5 or 6 clicks) then hit poketháng go bypass.