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While fans of virtual trucking have sầu been able khổng lồ play SCS Software’s truông xã sims online for years thanks khổng lồ the TruckersMP. hack, there’s never been an option to lớn play with your pals in vanilla American Truông xã Simulator and triệu Euro Truchồng Simulator 2 – until today. The 1.41 update for both games is now live sầu, introducing the Convoy multiplayer mode.

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If you’ve sầu missed the Convoy details so far, the mode allows you lớn create private online games for up lớn eight players. (The devs plan to lớn increase that number in the future.) It’s much smaller in scale than TruckersMPhường, but it does allow for synchronised AI traffic, as well as synced time, weather, and truchồng customisation options. You can even hit the CB radio to talk lớn your fellow truckers. Yeah, that’s basically just a push-to-talk button, but I still love sầu it.

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1.41 launches today for ETS2, và besides the multiplayer mode, it also includes new time and weather options for the phokhổng lồ mode, a quiông chồng travel option, and updated UI for the in-game bản đồ. Those same features hit ATS when that game got its 1.41 update earlier this week.

The updates also make some substantial changes to the maps in each game. The first bit of the California reskinhits ATS with seven of the new agricultural stations & a road rework, while Iberia in ETS2 gets theAutoestradomain authority A24 & a handful of other improvements lớn that region.


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Published: Jul 15, 2021

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