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Developer: BreakAway GamesRelease date: 2002Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: Turn-based strategyVersion: Full Game

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Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is the sixth title in the City Building Series. BreakAway Games was contracted for Emperor after having previously worked on Queen of the Nile. Emperor is the last of the series to use the same 2D-sprite game engine as seen in the earlier titles, và the first to introduce a multiplayer option.quý khách đã xem: 1/2 emperor: rise of the middle kingdom

Not unlike the earlier games, Emperor focuses on the building & development of a city in ancient times, this time Ancient Trung Quốc, from the Xia Dynasty (2033 BC) lớn the Song-Jin dynasties (1234 AD).

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Game mechanics

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The most basic task in each mission is khổng lồ maintain the thành phố. This involves keeping the populace well-fed, healthy, and safe from hazards. If food & basic goods và services are provided in abundance, the city will eventually improve. Beyond this, the player must manage trade and taxes in order to fund further development và expansion.

In the meantime, the player may elect lớn make offerings lớn the ancestral heroes. Principally, offerings are made to lớn appease the heroes and prsự kiện them from becoming angry & inflicting disasters upon the thành phố. But heroes can also be made very happy, which can prompt them to visit the thành phố and confer benefits lớn it.

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Eventually, the player may be required lớn build monuments, which are costly both in time và materials, giving enemies an opportunity lớn take advantage of possible weaknesses. As such, building a monument generally requires that the city first establish a strong economy và military.


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The seven campaigns of Emperor span nearly 3300 years of classical Chinese history, from the Xia Dynasty to the Jin dynasty. Notable monuments that can be built include the Great Wall of Trung Quốc, the Grvà Canal connecting the Yellow & Yangzi Rivers, và the Terracotta Army. In the first chiến dịch, the player is simply a humble villager elder, in charge of leading a nomadic tribe lớn settle down along the river. In the final levels, the player is servant to the Emperor of China, & oversees the construction of the Imperial capital Zhongdu (modern-day Beijing) and fortifying its defense to foil the invading Mongols & their leader, Genghis Khan.

Players may play the campaigns in any order they choose, though the difficulty level ramps up parallel to lớn the chronology. Often the objectives involve sầu producing a phối amount of a commodity, conquering other cities, achieving a certain population level, or building a monument.