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Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator 7.1.2
Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator 7.1.2 full
tải về Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator 7.1.2
Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator 7.2.1
5 axis Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator 7.1.2

program SSCNC Simulator 7.1.2 includes milling & turning groups of machines CNC. program SSCNC Simulator is designed both for students and for experienced professionals in the field of setting và programming CNC machine tools. SSCNC Simulator program is used as the same in the production of G-code debugging and programming CNC machine tools “by hand”Main Program Features

Full simulation of CNC machine set-up & operation.Programming with G-code.Parametric programming.Error Identification and removal of G-codemodule that allows you to manage và monitor the work of students in the classroom.SSCNC Simulator supports turning and milling group of machines.

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2 chiều và 3 chiều Simulation of

3D-modeling based on the OpenGL, allowing you to lớn quickly and accurately create a 3D image.Realistic consoles different models of CNC machine tool control.The mapping tool paths.Support for multiple monitors.The simulation of all stages of the process: the choice of the workpiece, resetting the workpiece, the choice & measurementinstrument, . choose the correct operating mode of the machine control panelsimulation includes realistic components such as coolant,sounds and chip forming machining.Installing & fixing the workpiece. Configurable zero workers, tool offset andthe use of various fixtures.The three-dimensional measurement of the workpiece after its machining.Measurements of surface roughness, based on the parameters of the cutting tool.Material Library. Ability lớn edit and insert new material.A wide range of cutting tools & the ability to edit it.Tower instruments lathe can be configured for 4, 8 or 12 stations(anterior or posterior location).

Store tools milling machine can be

phối up horizontally or vertically.

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The ability to use virtual tools for tuning và zeroing the blank:determinant angle (mechanical & electronic), samples, probe, etc.record, edit and run MACROS.The ability to lớn record videos & save sầu as AVI format.

creating and editing programs

Ability to lớn create programs directly from the control panel machine.Programs are easily created in ASCII format, in any text editor.The possibility of editing (cut, copy, paste).The numbering & renumbering rows.on-screen prompts during programming.Cheông chồng canned cycles and syntax of the G-below code(respectively, standards of different models of control systems) .

Advanced programming features

G-code parser. Supports ISO-1056.The codes describing the motion of (G-code), the auxiliary code (M-code).Debugging Tools G-code.The ability khổng lồ simulate the constant cycles and parameters.The possibility of using polar coordinates in FANUC, SIEMENS systems.Helical interpolation (G02 , G03).Support for custom code and cycles in different CNC systems.Simulating a tệp tin created by the automatic programming systems (UGS, Pro-E, Master CAM.)

machine control CNC

Set G54 workpiece zero workers, G55, G56, etc.Sizing tools và setting their values in the tool table.Working with electronic handwheel for setting up the machine.the JOG modes, MDI, EDIT, SINGLE BLOCK, AUTOMATIC, DRY RUN, STOPhường CYCLE, CYCLE START, EMERGENCY , etc.Adjusting the cooling system.Signalling collision with the workpiece tool, vise, & other parts of the machine.Adjustment of the machine parameters.Perform all operator functions. This simplifies the learning process và provides the best adaptation of thestudents to the CNC machines.If you want lớn tải về this version of SSCNC 7.1.2 full, please clichồng khổng lồ DOWNLOAD symbol & complete check out a little help my trang web is maintained. The download links is appeared automatically when you complete kiểm tra out.

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