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Most Wanted 2005 is arguably the best Need for Speed ever made. People loved the underground vibes mixed with high-tốc độ cop chases. I went bachồng khổng lồ play it on my old PS2 and even though it was a nostalgia trip, it looks dreadful. 

Speaking of Underground, we have sầu an NFS Underground 2 modding guide that you should check out if you’re a tín đồ of old skool NFS.

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I imagined the graphics being so good bachồng in the day. Unfortunately, the old PS2 graphics just don’t hold up in this day và age. You could clearly see jagged edges around the cars and the smoke trails seem lớn be giant blocks of grey pixels. Everything isn’t smoothed out like in current-gene platforms.

But there’s hope yet. Here’s where computers take the stage as superior, or so the PC master race claims. But seriously, I went searching around on YouTube và Google và I found a không tính tiền copy of Most Wanted.

On top of that, it has also had a redux complete with improved graphics, added cars, và 4K compatibility. 

To save sầu you downloading the game and messing around with folders & thủ thuật files. I have sầu put the entire game & hack files into lớn one zipped thư mục for your ease.

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted Redux Mod

However, he has left some liên kết khổng lồ tải về NFS Most Wanted in the read me tệp tin. Whether those link are still available does not concern me. I’m only providing access lớn the hack from now on.

After you tải về the thủ thuật, the remainder of this guide still remains & you will need to lớn use the settings below khổng lồ tweak the game to lớn your liking.

Redux Mod Download

Setting the Correct Scripts

Before you run the TextMod you must change some settings in the Scripts folder. Please see the step-by-step guide below. Please make sure you bởi vì this before running TextMod.

Go to the Scripts folder
Select the tệp tin named “NFSMostWanted.WidescreenFix”. Once this file is open mix your screen resolution and controller gamepad setting if you’re playing on a controller. See the image below:

NOTE: Set the resolution to lớn whatever your monitor is. I chose 1920×1080 because that’s what I play in. Also, the gamepad setting here is 2. This is for the PS2 configuration. Please select 1 for the Xbox 360 configuration.

Next, go to lớn the NFSMWHDReflections file và copy the same resolutions you used for the Widescreen settings.

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REMEMBER to lớn hit FILE & SAVE before exiting each tệp tin.

Running Textthủ thuật & Improved Graphics for Most Wanted Redux

This is super easy lớn mix up but make sure you run this Texthack every time you want lớn play Most Wanted. Follow these steps below:

xuất hiện the tệp tin you downloaded named: “NFSMW REDUX 2020”. It’s a RAR tệp tin so you may need WinRAR to lớn open it. You can tải về WinRAR for không lấy phí on their official trang web.mở cửa the thư mục and look for the thư mục called TPF Files. This is the TextMod folder. You need this khổng lồ run the updated graphics.
Select 1 & then 2 marked on the image below.When here, scroll down và select the tốc độ.exe tệp tin.Once you have sầu the TextMod application ready. Choose the packages you want by clicking the small thư mục (number 3)
Now select the packages you want to lớn run. These are the tpf files. You should see them below. If they’re not there, cliông chồng Browse & look for them in the TPF folder mentioned above sầu.
Once you have sầu the packages selected. You should see them in the box on the left “selected packages”(number 4) These mods are ready khổng lồ run now. Hit Run(number 5).

Finally, the game should start up with the mods installed & ready to lớn play.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There was a recent update lớn the Widescreen File. If you get the prompt lớn update the tệp tin, cancel it. This update has been causing crash issues. Just skip the update & we’ll keep this post updated until further notice.

The Widescreen Settings can be found in the Scripts folder. Please refer khổng lồ the guide above sầu if you’re not sure how lớn adjust the settings.

SOURCE: The mod has been created by a Youtuber called KryZeePlays. You can check out his channel for more awesome gaming content.

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