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The Oxford University Clinical Retìm kiếm Unit (OUCRU) is a large-scale clinical và public health research unit based in Viet Nam. We are hosted by the Hospital of Tropical Diseases (HTD) in Ho Chi Minch City, & the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases (NHTD) in Hanoi. We also have sầu sister units in Kathmandu, and Jakarta. As a Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programme, we have sầu received considerable tư vấn from the Wellcome Trust since our establishment in 1991.

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Our ten-year vision is to lớn have sầu local, regional và global impact on health by leading a locally driven research programme on infectious diseases in Southeast Asia. This is being achieved via an integrated long-term research programme, contributions to training, the scientific literature, national and international meetings and membership of national & international committees. Priority is given to lớn health issues important to the hospitals, & to Viet Nam as a whole. All work is intended not only lớn benefit the patients seen daily at our host hospitals but also to lớn help improve sầu patient care throughout Viet Nam & the region.
OUCRU employs approximately 320 people across Viet Nam & has an average annual budget of USD 12mil.

Job summary

The Public Engagement Coordinator will be responsible for delivering engagement projects & activities linked to OUCRU retìm kiếm và health sciences, in particular the RESHAPE project & projects involving youth. He/she will take on two main areas of engagement as the following:

1.Engagement within the RESHAPE retìm kiếm project

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection of major global significance. The public health and economic burden of symptomatic infections is very high in Vietnam giới, especially in the southern provinces. Many types of dengue research are currently being undertaken at OUCRU including observational studies, cohort studies, therapeutic intervention trials and human-to-mosquikhổng lồ transmission studies, some of which involve vulnerable populations such as children and/or very siông chồng patients in intensive sầu care units. In addition, novel retìm kiếm approaches such as use of human challenge models are under consideration. All such research must be performed in accordance with internationally recognized standards for ethical and scientific unique, but it is also crucially important that due attention is paid to the views và principles of Vietnamese stakeholders và research collaborators.

The RESHAPE project is a programme of work designed to lớn explore attitudes to clinical dengue retìm kiếm at different levels in Vietnamese society, in order lớn facilitate open discussion of complex issues & khổng lồ ensure a truly equitable và balanced approach as the breadth và range of potential dengue studies expands. One sub-project (the LEAF project) involves engagement with senior stakeholders, including senior representatives from public health organisations & academic institutions, while a second sub-project (the SEED project) aims to recruit a cohort of medical và public health students undertaking their university studies in Ho Chi Minc City, lớn explore their perceptions & views of clinical và public health orientated retìm kiếm focused on dengue.

We are looking for a Public Engagement Coordinator with experience in working with youth and public engagement in Vietnam giới.

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The Public Engagement Coordinator willdevelop aformal engagement strategyfor the LEAF and SEED projects, in particular looking to maximize involvement of the medical và public health students (around 600 students) in the SEED cohort activities. The individual will coordinateimplementation of this strategy which includes activities such as science cafes, science debates, peer-to-peer interviews, poster presentations và community-led film making.

2.Youth engagement with science

The Public Engagement Coordinator will work closely with other members of the OUCRU youth engagement team to kiến thiết và deliver a wide range of activities with Vietnamese young people in HCMC và provinces. The aims of the youth engagement programme are khổng lồ promote participation and voices of young people in promoting good health sciences for peer as well as to lớn build their capađô thị to become ambassadors khổng lồ enable wider engagement in their communities.

Key responsibilities and tasks

1.Leading all engagement activities related lớn the RESHAPE retìm kiếm project. Main tasks include:

Designing the engagement strategy in accordance with the research protocol and other SOPs and guidelines.Working closely with other team members of the RESHAPE project i.e., study doctors, research coordinators, social science researchers, communication officer to implement the designed engagement activities including science coffe, science debate, participatory films of youth voices, youth advisory board for SEED retìm kiếm & online engagement activities with thestudents in the cohort.Supporting the organization of other SEED activities, for example introductory meetings, science lecture series, student enrollment.Working closely with other research team members in monitoring the progress of the participatory action retìm kiếm.Supporting the SEED’s social science team to conduct in-depth interviews, focus group discussions when neccessary.Supporting the LEAF project activities as necessary, including helping to lớn develop appropriate informational material for dissemination khổng lồ senior stakeholders and/or targeted groups within the wider community.Supporting thedrafting of reports, research papers and presentations.Contributing to wider project discussions & planning with the SEED team.

2.Joint coordinating ongoing OUCRU youth enagagement activities. Main tasks include:

Organizing training, workshops for young people lớn learn about public engagement with science.Providing technical tư vấn to lớn the PE Ambassadors when they run science debates for young people.Supporting the youth engagement team to lớn disseminate OUCRU science debate và other successful youth-led engagement models to lớn universities in HCMC and other provinces.Contributing khổng lồ the development and implementation of media và communication material reated to lớn OUCRU youth engagement schemeProviding input đầu vào khổng lồ the development of OUCRU youth engagement strategy.Where the applicant is unfamiliar with the job they may be required to spkết thúc time learning the fundamental aspects of this discipline.

Selection criteria


BSc or higher degree;Excellent spoken và written Vietnamese & English;Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in cross-cultural settings essential;Experience in facilitating group activities;Experience in working with young people;Highly organizedAbility to work with a high degree of autonomy, and yet be a team playerWillingness to lớn perkhung other tasks requested by Head of PE. Also be expected to contribute to wider PE events.


Experience in concept developmentExperience in participatory và visual methods


Contracted salary: Negotiable (depending on actual experience và education).Optional insurance: In-patient & out-patient medical coverage; Personal accident insurance coverageTwo months’ salary for annual bonus và clothesAnnual leave 18 days each year for the first yearOther responsibilities and benefits are based on Viet Nam Labour Law

How khổng lồ apply

Interested qualified candidates are invited khổng lồ sover theirdetailed resume và cover letterin English, including copies of relevant degrees, certificates, either by gmail or by post lớn the following address:

Subject mail: Public Engagement Coordinator - Fullname

The cover letter should detail:

What bởi vì you think ‘community engagement’ involves?

Whatpart of your education, training or employment history has best equipped you for this position?

Liên hệ person: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Phuc

(*) Note: Please indicate dhlamnghiep.org.đất nước hình chữ S as the source of recruitment news in your email or cover letter. Only selected candidates will be contacted.----------------------------------

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