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Program used for obtaining best cutting layouts for 1D or two 2 chiều dimensional pieces

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Cutting Optimization Pro is a cutting tool used for getting the optimum cutting layouts. The program also allows you khổng lồ designate and use complex products, such as table, cupboard, desk, locker, book shelf.Cutting Optimization Pro can be used for cutting rectangular sheets made of glass, metal, wood, plastic, or any other material used by industrial software.The program can also be used as cutting application for linear parts such as bars, tubes, pipes, steel bars, extrusions, metal profiles, tubes, lineal wood boards, etc & other materials.Features:- 1D or 2 chiều optimization in the same cutting software - you may use the application for both 2 chiều & 1D optimization.- Guillotine optimization - The cuts are achieved from one side khổng lồ the other of the material. This option is very effective for wood, glass, thermopan.- Non-guillotine (nested) optimization - The cutting tool can follow the aspect of the material. In this situation you need lớn have sầu a complicated machine with laser or flame blade.- Multi-stage guillotine - all cuts in a phase are perpendicular khổng lồ the cuts on the earlier stage. The user may decide the number of stages và the guidance of cuts for the first stage.- Any measurement metric- The manner in which you add the information is a general one. You don"t have sầu khổng lồ designate a metric. Just select a metric in your mind và add all data using that metric only.- Fractional input. Parts can be added either as 100.5 & 100 50%.- Any number of parts in the INVENTORY or DEMAND - almost no restrictions for the number of parts that you want lớn optimize.

ProsThe application is packed with a rich phối of powerful features.The utility offers support complex products. NameVersionDeveloperProduct HomepageLicenseLast Week DownloadsAll Time DownloadsFilenameFilesizeMD5 ChecksumOS SupportCategory
Cutting Optimization Pro
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Cutting Optimization Pro
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