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Resolution: 4K Special Features: 24P, 3.5milimet Mic Input, Built-In Microphone, Interchangeable Lens, Over/Under-Cranking, cảm ứng Screen LCD, XLR Mic Input Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor Recording Media: Uses CFast 2.0, Uses Secure Digital (SD)
Written by Prince McClinton

This camera utilizes Blackmagic"s professional-grade digital film công nghệ in a handheld kiến thiết. Our favorite feature by far is the color science behind it. It clearly sets itself apart when comparing khổng lồ other camera footage.

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Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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I"ve sầu been in professional film & television production now for 30 years, I started in the days of film, went through lean times where the only gear I personally owned were đoạn Clip cameras (which killed me), and shot on broadcast Sony gear with Fujinon lenses. Basically I grew up with full manual control over cameras.Then we hit the early 2000"s and DSLR"s became a thing after the Panasonic HVX revolution. The Canon 5D MkIII & MkIV, it was the next big thing for indie filmmakers as well as... TV shows for spots where they couldn"t get a major rig into a confined space (Hawaii Five-0 for example shooting on the USS Missouri). The thing that I hated with the DSLR video/film cameras were the menus were a pain to work with and full manual control was still super difficult.Then a few days ago I received my BMPCC 4K & some Rokinon Cine DS lenses. Within an hour I had unpackaged, assemble, filmed test shots, installed DaVinici Resolve Studio, edited, color graded and uploaded the demo footage to lớn social truyền thông all within 60 mins!!! In that one hour I fell in love!!!I got trang chính and did another chạy thử shoot on a tripod this time where I live. The sun was setting, however it was overcast and dull. I got the footage và brought it inkhổng lồ DaVinci Resolve, edited, color graded it và all I had to vị was up the saturation khổng lồ 2.0 & contrast lớn 1.35 and the pictures that came out were way better than what I saw with my own eyes. Rich, vibrant và a clean image with virtually no noise.Yesterday I took the camera out for another demo shoot during the day, battery life was short as expected, but the shots I brought bachồng và edited, và color graded, added a Kodak LUT was phenomenal. I"ve been using a FotodioX EF to MFT adapter with the 24milimet and 35mm Rokinon"s and definitely need to invest in the Metabones T Cine 0.71 Speed Booster due to lớn the 2x native sầu crop. The nice thing is I effectively have 4 lenses with just two lenses once I have the Metabones.As I need a wide lens for an upcoming music video clip, I ordered the Venus Optics Laowa 9milimet lens yesterday và am looking forward lớn receiving it this week. That just leaves me with finishing off my Rokinon DS lens kit & then I"ll start working on my XEEN lens kit.I"ve sầu been in the business for 30 years now, I"ve always worked with professional 35milimet film & digital cinema cameras such as RED and ARRI etc, but never owned my own gear as it was always out of reach financially & rentals were the only other option, which made it hard khổng lồ find work. Now, for the first time in my career, I have gear that I can go out và shoot with and build my cinematography portfolio và showcase my work.Currently we"re in pre-production for a feature film & this camera will be put lớn use extensively for the behind the scenes making of special feature, as well as shooting a music Clip for a feature film pitch.Thank you Blackmagic for making the dreams of an old time filmmaker come true!

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OK - so I am 5 years late on my reviews..I have used this camera in a professional environment (Major và Indie - Films) alongside the RED, and Arri Camera"s with no image degradation at all. Grading is a charm. 90% of the work I have sầu done with this camera has been upscaled khổng lồ 4k or at the least 2k và it is absolutely beautiful. Since my purchase of this camera in năm trước I have also purchased the Ursa Mini và the Pocket 4K. I still use this alongside the both of them when the shot calls f...or it. I will never use a GH5 or even a Sony A7 series because the image unique just cannot compare lớn the Pocket Camera.If you can piông xã one of these up used for $ its worth it. Well worth it. Especially if you are a beginner. It will teach you how real cinematography is done in the real world. You still wont see a GH5 or A7 series camera on a professional set unless its being used for stunts or action scenes where they dont care about breaking a $ camera.

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

lens mount
Introducing the next generation handheld 4K digital film camera!The revolutionary new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is the camera you’ve sầu been asking for, featuring an all new handheld kiến thiết that puts the lademo advanced digital film công nghệ inlớn the palm of your hvà. With a 4/3 size sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range & dual native sầu ISO up khổng lồ 25,600, get stunning HDR images và incredible low light performance. The external controls provide quiông chồng access to essential functions, while the large 5 inch touchscreen makes it easy khổng lồ frame shots, focus accurately and change camera settings. Images are recorded onkhổng lồ standard SD/UHS-II or CFast 2.0 cards in RAW and ProRes at up to 1trăng tròn frames per second! In addition, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K has an MFT lens mount, built-in microphones, mini XLR đầu vào, full sized HDMI, 3 chiều LUT support, Công nghệ Bluetooth, USB-C Expansion Port and more!

Portable, Affordable và Professional

Now you can shoot anything in 4K!
Now you can shoot anything in 4K!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gives you the professional features you need, including the ability khổng lồ seamlessly set footage from other 4K cameras. It’s perfect for shooting independent films and documentaries, fashion shows, travel blogs, web videos, weddings, corporate Clip, sports & more. The incredible image chất lượng, advanced Blackmagic Design color science and RAW recording features let you shoot images that rival professional digital film cameras costing tens of thousands more.

Elegant Modern Design

Designed to lớn be portable, packed with features và fully expandable!
Designed lớn be portable, packed with features và fully expandable!The portable handheld design of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gives you incredible mobility without sacrificing features. The highly compact khung factor features a carbon fiber reinforced composite body that makes it extremely durable và lightweight so you can take it anywhere. A 5” screen, 4 microphones, built in recorders và external buttons & dials give you fast access khổng lồ the most important functions. Quickly check framing và focus, capture audio và record your files without having lớn carry around extra monitors, microphones, recorders và cables. With the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K you get a fully featured portable digital film camera that’s flexible & expandable!

Compatible with your current lenses!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K uses the same MFT (Micro Four Thirds) lens mount as the original Pocket Cinema Camera so you can use the lenses you already have! The MFT lens mount was designed specifically for smaller camera bodies with shorter flange focal distance. The MFT mount is extremely flexible & has adapters compatible with PL, C, EF Mounts và more, so you can use lenses from manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Leica & Panavision.

Built in microphones & a mini XLR input!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gives you professional high fidelity audio recording so you don’t have lớn carry around a separate sound recorder. The camera features a mini XLR đầu vào with 48 volts of phantom power for connecting professional microphones such as lapel mics và booms. Built in microphones with an extremely low noise floor help you capture great sound on location.

Record using standard SD cards, UHS-II cards or CFast 2.0 media!When it comes lớn recording, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gives you 3 kinds of media to choose from. Images can be recorded on khổng lồ standard SD cards, faster UHS-II cards or CFast 2.0 cards. High definition video clip can be recorded using regular inexpensive sầu SD cards. Higher performance UHS-II cards can be used for recording Ultra HD in ProRes at up khổng lồ 60 frames per second & RAW at up to lớn 30 frames per second. CFast cards can record 12-bit RAW at all supported frame rates. For longer recording times, you can also record directly to an external SSD or flash disk using the built in USB-C Expansion Port. The files will work with all professional post production software. Mount the truyền thông cards on your computer & start editing directly from them using the included DaVinci Resolve sầu Studio software.

Get the same advanced features as larger cameras!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K uses the same Blackmagic OS as URSA Mini, making your 4K transition totally seamless. A modern touchscreen interface uses simple tap & swipe gestures lớn adjust settings, add metadata and view recording status. The Blackmagic OS gives you incredible control of advanced camera features including 3 chiều LUTs for both recording and monitoring, HDR output via HDXiaoMI, metadata entry, custom presets, extended Clip format, Công nghệ Bluetooth remote control, external timecode from the audio input, RAW recording và more!

Large và bright 5” touchscreen makes focusing fast và easy!The baông chồng of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K features a super bright, large 5 inch touchscreen, making it easy lớn frame shots và accurately focus without having to lớn carry around an external monitor or viewfinder. 3D LUTs give sầu you the freedom khổng lồ monitor the shot with the desired color and look. Not only can you use the 3 chiều LUT for monitoring, it can even be baked into lớn the recorded footage.

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Excellent low light performance & wide dynamic range!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K features a full kích cỡ 4/3 sensor that gives you 4096 x 2160 resolution with an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range for true digital film quality. Its 4/3 sensor reduces crop factor, giving you a wider field of view, & dual native sầu ISO up lớn 25,600 for incredible low light performance. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K can record at up lớn 60 frames per second in 4K and up to a massive sầu 120 frames per second for windowed HD. The camera features fourth generation Blackmagic Design color science with film, đoạn phim và extended Clip modes. The new extended mode gives you the latitude of film with the convenience of video clip, giving you great looking images without the headaches in post.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K features a mini XLR connection with phantom power for attaching professional microphones!

You get a full kích thước HDXiaoMI connection as well as a high tốc độ USB-C expansion port for significantly longer recording times to lớn external SSDs.a full form size HDMI connection as well as a high speed USB-C expansion port for significantly longer recording times khổng lồ external SSDs.

HDXiaoMi MI monitoring,mini XLR audio đầu vào, power và more!Even though it’s small và portable, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K has a full size HDXiaoMi MI connector built in. Advanced features such as HDR output và a clean 10-bit output with on screen overlays show full camera status, making it perfect for on phối monitoring. There’s also a mini XLR connection with 48 volts of phantom power for attaching professional microphones, a 3.5 milimet video clip camera style microphone input đầu vào và a professional locking DC power connector!

Battery, DC và USB-C so you can shoot all day long!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K uses standard removable LP-E6 type batteries that recharge in a flash, with an included 110 - 2trăng tròn volt plug pachồng that simultaneously juices up both the battery and the camera. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K gives you a wide range of flexible power options so you can shoot all day!

Professional editing, visual effects, color correction and audio post!The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K includes a full version of DaVinci Resolve Studio: your professional editing, color correction, audio post and visual effects software, all in one program. Big budget films, small budget indies, youtube videos or whatever your platform; your edits will be quiông chồng, easy, & beautiful. The 4K Pocket Cinema Camera is an absolute handheld dream.