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MAC-IP.. binding allows us to lớn reserve static IP.. assignment for a client. The maximum supported entries are 32 & this feature is applicable for Local DHCP.. Scope only.

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Reserving an IPhường address allows us lớn create policies in the firewall configuration, to prioritize the traffic.

Environment : This article applies to Instant Access Point running Instant Firmware version và later.

Network Topology :


chú ý : Configuration is supported from CLI only.For the below Local DHCP. scope, upkhổng lồ 32 static reservation can be made.

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The syntax/comm& is ip dhcp .


The command "show dhcps" will show the configured static reservations for the respective Local DHCP. scopes.


Below image shows the client connected with the reserved IPhường address


MAC-IP dhcp can be applied only for Local DHCPhường ScopeMaximum support entries are 32.Once static reservation is configured, need to ensure it"s reflected under "DHCP HOST" under respective Local DHCP pool when executing "show dhcps"The static reservation should also be reflected under "show dhcp-allocation" for the corresponding Local DHCP pool.

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