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What you want: space savings, power, & flexibility, all from a single desktop computer. What you need: an all-in-one (AIO) PC. Our buying guide and deep-dive sầu Review will help you siêu thị for one of these sleek machines. (We've sầu tested all the latest models.)


The 27-inch Apple iMac gains a 1080p webcam, a new matte-finish screen option, and faster CPU and GPU picks. Add all that up, và it remains one of the best big-screen all-in-one computers for the prosumer & work-from-home page crowds.

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The Hãng Asus M241 is a low-cost all-in-one desktop that resembles a gold iMac and offers both a peppy Windows 10 experience and powerful sound.
The HP.. Envy 32 is an excellent all-in-one desktop thanks lớn its large 4K display, robust built-in sound bar, và potent components that are ready to lớn power through work and play.
Microsoft's Surface Studio 2 is a beautiful, pricey all-in-one desktop for artists, content creators, & professionals wedded khổng lồ pen input. It packs components peppier than the original's, và a downright stunning screen.
Dell's 27-inch OptiPlex 7770 All-in-One boasts a winning kiến thiết, a pivoting 4K panel in our demo Model, & the latest Hãng sản xuất Intel CPUs. Our one key quibble: Its GeForce graphics are stuông chồng in the past.
The first major iMac rethiết kế in years turns Apple's classic computer into a gorgeous all-in-one with the M1 processor, multiple color options, and a stunningly thin exterior. It’s neither the most powerful nor the most versatile Mac desktop, but it’s the best one for everyday trang chủ computing.
The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra isn't a perfect craông xã at a new idea—a business desktop with the PC bits built into lớn the neông chồng of its display—but it's an appealing concept that saves space, is easily manageable, và is likely here khổng lồ stay.

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Lenovo's IdeaCentre Yoga A940 is a rare convertible all-in-one desktop, with a reclining 4K display and well-done creative sầu accessories. The build quality & screen leave us wanting, but it's a serviceable, cheaper alternative to Microsoft's Surface Studio 2.
Better acoustics, plus the addition of USB-C ports and a high-res webcam, are steps in the right direction, making MSI's Modern AM241Phường. 11M a solid, if unremarkable, budget AIO for small businesses & trang chủ offices.
Dell's Inspiron 24 5000 AIO is a solidly built budget all-in-one, but we are lukewarm on this specific model in the line, with its bipod stvà và slow hard drive.
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So, the 15-inch display on yourlaptopis starting lớn feel cramped, and you work in one place most of the time? Sure, you could attach a second screen to your notebook, or opt for a desktop tower with a separate monitor, but a more streamlined option is an all-in-one (AIO) desktop. For about the same money that you would spover on a midrange-to-high-end máy tính with a 17-inch screen (or more likely, less), you can get an AIO computer with a 23-inch or larger display.

Of course, buying a highly integrated system lượt thích this is a bit more exacting than shopping for your average desktop. Why? You"re buying a computer & a monitor in one, & the inherent limits on what you"ll be able khổng lồ upgrade down the line makes smart buying up front crucial. Indeed, landing the right AIO is more lượt thích shopping for a laptop than a desktop. Here are the key factors lớn consider.

First, Focus On the Screen

The first thing to lớn look at (no pun intended) is the display—the centerpiece of any AIO. While some less-expensive sầu AIO PCs will come with panels smaller than 23 inches, those are better suited khổng lồ exceedingly cramped spaces such as classroom labs or dorm rooms. (Go much smaller than that, và you might as well just buy a big-screen laptop.) What you really want is a display at least 23 inches on the diagonal—and larger is better if you can vì it. The biggest all-in-ones we"ve sầu seen khổng lồ date have sầu curved 34-inch screens.

With a screen 23 inches or larger, you"re almost guaranteed a native resolution of at least 1,9đôi mươi by 1,080 pixels (aka, full HD), and larger screens will go even higher. In many cases, that"s up to lớn 4K—3,840 by 2,160 pixels—for a conventionally shaped screen, or 3,440 by 1,440 pixels on an ultra-wide display. High resolutions of that kind give sầu you the ability to view multiple windows side by side, or view a spreadsheet three to four pages wide. Indeed, if you"re a multitasker, the more screen room, the better.