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In Ministry of 600 questions theory thử nghiệm driving thử nghiệm yes 60 questions theoretical exam scores is given and all students và demo takers must pay attention when taking the thử nghiệm. With 60 driver's license thử nghiệm scores applied khổng lồ learners taking the driver's license theory chạy thử. Just wrong one out of 60 questions, students will be disqualified in theory exam.

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And to lớn overcome that, the only way is lớn learn and rethành viên the correct questions và answers of these 60 questions. To help students, candidates can review more easily, more properly Ho Chi Minch Driving School has listed in detail 60 theoretical exam questions below including questions, answers & answers. (Correct answers are highlighted and Greened)

Question 1: Which of the following is strictly prohibited?

Not shippedOnly transported when carefully tiedTransport bulky objects only on motorbikes if the distance to lớn trang chính is less than 2 km

Question 30: On a traffic road, when an instruction of a traffic conductor is contrary lớn an instruction of a light or a sign, which order must the road-users follow?

Signal of traffic conductorsSignal of traffic control lightsSignals of road signsAt the discretion of road users but safety must be ensured

Question 31: What does a driver have khổng lồ do when making a U-turn on a bridge, underground road, or road section that intersects with a railroad track?

Do not make a U-turnTaking advantage of a wide space và having a signal behind the vehicle to lớn ensure safetyTaking advantage of a wide area that can be turned lớn make a U-turn for safety

Question 32: On the road section intersecting the same level with the railway, the road bridge is accompanied by the railway, which type of vehicle is given priority?

Which means on the right is not entangledWhich means gives the signal first Railway transportation

Question 33: What does a driver have sầu to lớn bởi when driving a vehicle into lớn a highway?

There must be a signal to ask for & give way to vehicles on the road; when it is safe to enter a oto into lớn the lane cthất bại lớn the outer edge; If there is an acceleration lane, you must drive in that lane before entering the freeway laneThere must be a signal khổng lồ ask for and must quickly pass a vehicle running on the road lớn merge into lớn the lane on the edge of the road; if there is an acceleration lane, the vehicle must pass through that lane to lớn enter the lane of the expressway

Question 34: When vị passengers on 2-wheel motorcycles or motorbikes wear a helmet with a proper handle on the strap?

When participating in road trafficOnly when traveling on specialized roads; freewayWhen participating in traffic on a provincial road or a national highway

Question 35: Can drivers of two-wheeled motorbikes & mopeds have sầu the right to lớn ride in a horizontal line; ride into crosswalks và other vehicles; use umbrellas, di động phones, audio equipment (except hearing aids)?

Allowed but lớn ensure safety UnauthorizedAllowed depending on specific circumstances và conditions

Question 36: When meeting a convoy, a hearse or a convoy organized by the team, what should the driver handle?

Slowly cut through the convoy and convoy Do not cut across a convoySlowly signal for vehicles to pass through to ensure safety

Question 37: When driving on an empty road & feeling sleepy, the driver should choose how to handle appropriately?

Increase the tốc độ associated with listening to music & moving on Observe sầu and stop the vehicle at the prescribed place; Rest until sleepy stops and go onUse some wine & beer to lớn get rid of sleep and move on

Question 38: On a highway, how does the driver handle when it is beyond the exit of the road to turn?

Turn around, drive on the right curb và turn off the freewayBachồng onkhổng lồ the right curb and turn off the highway Keep running khổng lồ the next exit

Question 39: Which of the following is the intersection point between road and rail?

Fire truckAmbulance Railway transportationCars, motorcycles & special-use vehicles

Question 40: On a road segment intersecting at the same màn chơi with a railroad, does an unauthorized person have sầu the right khổng lồ open a crossroad crossing when the barrier is closed?

UnauthorizedAllowed but lớn ensure safetyAllowed depending on specific circumstances và conditions

Question 41: When driving a vehicle, which of the following is prohibited?

Change the tốc độ of vehicles on the roadChange the gear of the vehicle on the road Zigzag, hammoông chồng on the road

Question 42: When a motor vehicle or motorcycle approaches an intersection between a road và a railroad without a barrier, when the red signal light turns on or when a bell sounds, the driver shall handle it as follows. how?

Reduce the tốc độ for vehicles passing the railQuickly cross the rail before the train comesReduce the speed for vehicles crossing the railroad before the train arrives Stop the vehicle và keep a minimum distance of 5 meters from the closest rail

Question 43: What should a driver do when observing ahead to lớn see that pedestrians are crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing lớn ensure safety?

Slow down, go slowly to pass in front of pedestrians Slow down, stop if necessary in front of the stop line to lớn give sầu way to lớn pedestrians crossing the roadSpeed up khổng lồ pass in front of pedestrians

Question 44: When you want lớn baông xã up but cannot see behind, what should be done lớn ensure safety?

Back slowlyYou can reverse the car but open the oto door Do not back upHonk 3 times in a row before going back

Question 45: When participating in traffic on highways, can motor vehicle drivers stop parking on road sections?

Stopped, parked Do not stop, parkStopping, parking but ensuring safety

Question 46: Which driver deliberately does not distinguish lanes, lane markings, speeding, overtaking, passing a red light, entering a forbidden road, or a one-way street are considered any of the following acts?

Is normal Is laông chồng of traffic cultureIs there a traffic culture

Question 47: Is the act of fleeing after causing an accident to shirk responsibility or when conditions permit and deliberately not helping people in a traffic accident are prohibited?

Not strictly prohibitedProhibited depending on each specific case Prohibited

Question 48: When a traffic accident occurs, which of the following is strictly prohibited?

Infringing upon the life, health và property of the victims & the accident victims.Running away after causing an accident khổng lồ shirk responsibility Both idea 1 & idea 2

Question 49: When a traffic accident occurs, which of the following is strictly prohibited?

Infringing upon the life, health và property of the victims and the accident victimsProviding first aid for victims in case the competent authorities have sầu not permitted itProviding first-aid for people who cause accidents, when competent agencies vì not allow it

Question 50: When driving a motor scooter down a long, steep slope, which of the following should the driver do lớn ensure safety?

Keep the throttle grip at a suitable level, use the front và rear brakes to slow downRelease all the throttle, turn off the engine, use the front và rear brakes to lớn slow downUse the front brake to slow down in combination with turning off the car's electric key

Question 51: When driving a oto down a steep hill, which of the following should a driver do lớn ensure safety?

Increase the gear, release the accelerator pedal appropriately, combine with the foot brake lớn control the speed For low gear, release the accelerator pedal appropriately, combine with foot brake to control the speedFor zero (0), release the accelerator pedal appropriately, combine with foot brake to lớn control speed.

Question 52: When operating a vehicle via rail, which of the following is the driver required to ensure safety?

When the bell or bar is lowered, the driver must stop temporarily at a safe distance, pull the hvà brake if the road is steep or wait for a long time.When there is no bell or the bar is not lowered, the driver must observe sầu that if it is safe, the gearshift is low, the throttle is lightened, và the gear is not changed during the crossing to lớn avoid engine death. machine for the oto khổng lồ pass Both idea 1 and idea 2

Question 53: To slow down when the oto goes down a long slope, what must the driver vì chưng khổng lồ ensure safety?

Release the gas pedal, apply the clutch pedal (clutch) all the way, apply strong foot brake to slow down For the appropriate low gear, release the gas pedal, combine the brake pedal with the proper level, to lớn slow downRelease the accelerator pedal, increase the gear, apply the brake pedal at an appropriate màn chơi to lớn slow down

Question 54: When parked on the right side of the car, which of the following must be done by a driver when opening the door khổng lồ ensure safety?

Observe the situation of traffic in front and back, open the door slightly, if it is safe, open the door as much as necessary khổng lồ get out of the car.

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mở cửa the door and observe the traffic situation ahead, if it is safe, open the door as necessary to lớn get out of the car.Open the door for the entire journey & get out of the car quickly

Question 55: When driving a oto with an automatic gearbox on slippery, muddy or long, long downhill roads, where does the driver need the gear lever to ensure safety?

For low gear, combine the brake pedal lớn slow downHold down D, hold hvà brake lớn reduce speedFor N gear (zero), combine the brake pedal lớn slow down

Question 56: When the visibility is restricted by fog or heavy rain, what should the driver do?

Speed up, drive cđại bại to lớn the vehicle ahead, look for taillights to guide you Slow down, drive sầu away from a car ahead with a safe distance, turn on fog lamps & low beamSpeed up, turn on the headlights to pass the oto ahead

Question 57: Which of the following is a driver permitted lớn stop or park on an emergency stop lane of a freeway?

A vehicle that has an accident, accident, or emergency cannot move sầu normallyTo rest, go to the toilet, take photos, do private thingsBoth idea 1 và idea 2

Question 58: When driving a vehicle down a long, steep slope, which of the following is the automatic transmission driver's operation to ensure safety?

Release the accelerator pedal, shift khổng lồ the lower gear (use the L or 1, 2 numbers), apply the brake pedal at an appropriate màn chơi khổng lồ slow down.Release the accelerator pedal, phối it to lớn zero (N) and apply the parking brake lớn slow down

Question 59: When traveling from a slip road lớn a main road, how should the driver handle traffic rules?

Slow down, yield to lớn vehicles on the main road from any directionFlashing lights, honking to lớn let the vehicles on the main road know and speeding up the main roadLook out for vehicles on the main road, if the vehicle is larger, give sầu way, the smaller vehicle speed up the vehicle to lớn the main road.

Question 60: When driving motorbikes & cars, if there is a need khổng lồ use the phone for texting or making a phone call, how should the driver act in the situations outlined below?

Slow down khổng lồ ensure safety with the vehicle in front & use your phone lớn communicate Slow down khổng lồ stop in a place that allows stopping, then use your phone lớn communicateSpeed up to lớn get away from the vehicle behind and use your phone khổng lồ communicate