How to book strippers for Bachelor Parties

When it comes to a bachelor’s party, the very first thing that runs in the mind of every man is strippers. A naked woman dancing all over the groom is the best sign that a man is getting married. It is the work of the best man to find out what a bachelors party your buddy is looking forward to and one that will not upset the bride to be when they find out what went on that night. As the best man, aim at giving your friend a proper send off into marriage without causing drama the very first days. It is your role to advise the groom of any party situations that may bring problem in their new marriage.

Below are some important tips that will help you in planning a super event:

When and how to book.

The best strippers are booked months in advance. As the best man, you can’t fail in this so you need to get the best of the best for your groom and book when there is still time. Have all details finalized in at least three months. Contact a research and get for different services, some companies have websites with photos which you can choose from. It is however advisable to rely on recommendations when choosing the girls of service.

Where will the party be held?

Is it going to be in a strip club, At home, or a hotel room? Strippers can give good performances almost everywhere. A pole is like a must if you want the perfect party with strippers. If the pole is not available, the groom will be made act like one.

If you choose a strip club, ensure that you select one that is legal in your area. You might be forced to travel for quite some distance if you want a bare all club, because they are outlawed in a lot of countries and cities.

If you planning to use a hotel room, it is advisable not to tell the employees that the strippers are coming. It might seem obvious but a number of people have been kicked out for trying this.

Cost and payment.

The statement “you get what you pay for” is fully applicable when it comes to strippers. You get exactly what you pay for. You can get a stripper to performing at $50 an hour, but at the same time you will get another one asking for $300 an hour. The choice now will depend on you. The girl’s manager, asks for payment up front. They will also ask if you would like the extra services they offer. If you take the extra services remember that they are additional to their hourly charges.

Keep an eye out for anything that crosses the line.

Have a chat with the groom before the party starts and before he has had anything to drink, find out what he is comfortable with. It is your work to watch out and ensure that no lines are crossed. This means you should stay as sober as possible to make sober judgments. Your buddy will hate you if things went out of control in your watch, so make this sacrifice for them. It is important too to ensure that the groom does not drink too much before the party starts as the girls will not perform if they sense a problem.


Strippers love tips during after performance. Make this known to the guests, tell them to bring the big bills if they want a good performance. At any point never ever ask a stripper for change.