How to book strippers for Bachelor Parties

When it comes to a bachelor’s party, the very first thing that runs in the mind of every man is strippers. A naked woman dancing all over the groom is the best sign that a man is getting married. It is the work of the best man to find out what a bachelors party your buddy is looking forward to and one that will not upset the bride to be when they find out what went on that night. As the best man, aim at giving your friend a proper send off into marriage without causing drama the very first days. It is your role to advise the groom of any party situations that may bring problem in their new marriage.

Below are some important tips that will help you in planning a super event:

When and how to book.

The best strippers are booked months in advance. As the best man, you can’t fail in this so you need to get the best of the best for your groom and book when there is still time. Have all details finalized in at least three months. Contact a research and get for different services, some companies have websites with photos which you can choose from. It is however advisable to rely on recommendations when choosing the girls of service.

Where will the party be held?

Is it going to be in a strip club, At home, or a hotel room? Strippers can give good performances almost everywhere. A pole is like a must if you want the perfect party with strippers. If the pole is not available, the groom will be made act like one.

If you choose a strip club, ensure that you select one that is legal in your area. You might be forced to travel for quite some distance if you want a bare all club, because they are outlawed in a lot of countries and cities.

If you planning to use a hotel room, it is advisable not to tell the employees that the strippers are coming. It might seem obvious but a number of people have been kicked out for trying this.

Cost and payment.

The statement “you get what you pay for” is fully applicable when it comes to strippers. You get exactly what you pay for. You can get a stripper to performing at $50 an hour, but at the same time you will get another one asking for $300 an hour. The choice now will depend on you. The girl’s manager, asks for payment up front. They will also ask if you would like the extra services they offer. If you take the extra services remember that they are additional to their hourly charges.

Keep an eye out for anything that crosses the line.

Have a chat with the groom before the party starts and before he has had anything to drink, find out what he is comfortable with. It is your work to watch out and ensure that no lines are crossed. This means you should stay as sober as possible to make sober judgments. Your buddy will hate you if things went out of control in your watch, so make this sacrifice for them. It is important too to ensure that the groom does not drink too much before the party starts as the girls will not perform if they sense a problem.


Strippers love tips during after performance. Make this known to the guests, tell them to bring the big bills if they want a good performance. At any point never ever ask a stripper for change.

One last fling before the ring

Your best buddy’s wedding is just around the corner and you’re the best man which means you have got to plan a rocking bachelor party. One final night of guys only debauch the groom will never forget, no matter how hard he tries. Years ago, bachelor parties were just formal black tie dinners and everybody was on their best behavior. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Thankfully, things have changed now and bachelor parties are much more trendy and informal. First of all you need to figure out what you are going to do. For the best bachelor party ideas you need to know the groom’s likes and dislikes. This really helps to narrow things down. If he loves nightclubs you can book a discotheque for the party or if he likes to keep it low profile you can book a private room at a restaurant. Plan accordingly but make sure it is a fun-filled wing-ding.

Useful tips for planning a perfect party for the groom-

· Invitees- Make sure you ask the groom about his guest for the party, whether he wants all his buddies or only a group of close friends and send out invitations three weeks before the party is scheduled.

· Pocket pinch- Whatever you decide, remember, everybody pays for themselves and also chips in for the groom. So keep it affordable.

· Save the date- do not pack the festivities in during the wedding week especially not the weekend of the wedding. Space it out.

· Feast it out- Backyard cook out or dinner at his favourite restaurant or catered food at the party venue are some interesting ideas. Make sure the bar is loaded.

· Coachman for the night- Some guys will not even remember their own names by the end of the night so nobody needs to be driving. Check into a limo or a taxi or you can even hire someone to be a designated driver.

Here is a list of some awesome bachelor party ideas-

· Get active: The trend these days is to fill the day or night with a signature activity. Consider your friend is a huge sports addict, you can rent out a luxury suite at a sports stadium and organize tournaments. If he is a gambler you can plan a field trip to Vegas or any of your local casinos. Get active with paintball or deep sea fishing or scuba diving or surfing or go-carting. Let your imagination run wild.

· Ride it: Pile the groom gang into the car and see where the road takes you. It is bound to be memorable with a good collection of music and delicious knick-knacks. To make it extra fun and surprising you can carry your passports and even drive out of the country!

· From beer to bonfire out-of-doors- You can also plan a weekend together with friends amidst nature and stock enough beer for the trip. Whether you plan a skiing trip or hiking and camping in the mountains or rafting and kayak trips by the lake or motoring and flying or bonfires, it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

· Conventional: Strippers and bikini babes are go hand-in hand with bachelor parties. Receive an official �go-ahead’ from both the groom and bride for the wild idea. Either way do not make strippers the only enjoyable part of the evening so that the uncomfortable ones can bail out at some point and plan other entertainment as well. Cocktails and hookah are highlights of such party themes.

There are numerous bachelor party ideas to choose from but make sure you do not do anything insanely stupid. Give your groom plenty of time to enjoy his bachelor party, recover from it and prepare for a great wedding. Remember, your job isn’t to ruin his wedding experience but to enhance it. The groom should know most of what you plan but its more than okay to have tricks up your sleeves!

Bachelor Party Ideas

The best man is going to be normally the person to take care of all the planning of a bachelor’s party. However, all other groomsmen should assist with some of the planning plus payment for the party. When you’re the best man, ensure you consider what the groom requires to do without fully revealing all the details for the party.

Traditionally it’s the last night the groom gets to let loose prior to taking the plunge, and becoming married. The following is a list of bachelor party ideas which may help you have a wonderful moment before the big day.

  • You can get an ideal comedy club and have a nice dinner and some few drinks
  • You can watch an exciting magician show
  • You can rent a limousine, touring a city plus all its wonderful sights
  • You may take a weekend away and go fishing or hunting
  • You can take a ski trip
  • You may attend a ball game and rent a luxury hotel for the night
  • You may play paintball with your friends
  • You may rent some lakefront cottage for the weekend
  • You may take a road trip, visiting all those places you’ve dreamed of seeing
  • You can rent go-karts for an exciting afternoon
  • You may rent a basketball arena and play the game

Note: As a best man, you should remember this is the groom’s party. Therefore, ensure he’s having the party of his life and fully enjoying himself. He should not be humiliated in any way.

When you plan for an all-weekend party, it should be scheduled well prior to the wedding. The groom is going to be so much busy with last-minute details as the wedding draws closer. Furthermore, two big wedding events following each other closely are too much to ask of both the guests and the groom.

Whatever you have planned, you can send out invitation at least one month in advance to make sure the turnout is good. And because those attending are going to split the cost of the bachelor’s party, specify roughly how much it’s going to cost on the invitation.

Tips to consider

When you are planning anything special-it can be hiring a stripper, renting a limo or whitewater rafting, ask for a contract. You might not be dealing with the most reliable individuals and this might spoil everything. Ensure you get what, when, where and who and how much it will cost you in writing.

There are chances people are going to be drinking. Therefore, you should arrange or figure out for transportation with that in mind. It may be fun and exciting renting a limo. However, this may end up costing you much money. When you want it a lot cheaper, you may rent a van and still transport several people, so long as you have a person to play a designated driver.

You may consider also taking taxis. When you have four or five people, this might be fairly affordable. If you call for the taxi, you may request a van to maximize on savings.